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‘The highlights from this year’s rejuvenated Art Basel Hong Kong’
John Mcdonald, Sydney Morning Herald
6 April 2024

‘Art Basel Hong Kong Show Floor | Atsushi Kaga’
Art Basel Stories
28 March 2024

‘Art Basel Hong Kong offers encounters with tapestries, tombstones and rabbits’
Jane Ure-Smith, Financial Times
23 March 2024

‘Review: Frieze? Please. Try the upstart Felix art fair at the Hollywood Roosevelt’
Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times 
14 February 2020

‘Up in Armory: The Art Fair Unzipped’
Anna Sansom, Damn°44 magazine
March 2014

‘Atsushi Kaga, Happily Skipping Backwards’
Rosa Abbott, Totally Dublin
December 2013

‘Rabbiting on’
CARA Magazine
December 2013

‘Rising Stars’, Sea of Desire
James Servin, Art Basel Miami Beach
December 2012

‘Art Basel Miami Beach 2012’
Peter Duhon & Nathalie Zwimpfer, Art Comments
December 2012

‘The Mother of All Invention’
David Cohen, artcritical
December 2012

‘Snapshots from Miami’
Robin Cembalest, ARTnews
December 2012

‘A Mother-Son “Nerd Bag” Sweatshop @ Art Basel Miami Beach’
Kyle Chayka, Hyperallergic
December 2012

‘Busy start for younger galleries at the fair’
Riah Pryor, The Art Newspaper
December 2012

‘The highlights from Miami Art Week’
Kathy Battista, Phaidon
December 2012

‘I Love Those Paintings @ Mother’s Tankstation’
Rosa Abbott, Totally Dublin
May 2012

‘Atsushi Kaga’
LEAP Art HK II Supplement
July 2011

‘Atsushi Kaga, 31, Artist’
The Sunday Business Post
July 2010

‘Atsushi Kaga: Rest With Us in Peace’
Daragh Reddin, Metro
8 June 2010

‘Furry creatures’
Image Interiors
May–June 2010

‘Atsushi Kaga’
Urban Outfitters blog
February 2010

W. David Marx, Nylon Guys
July 2009

‘Atsushi Kaga’
Sarah Parker, Start Magazine
Autumn 2008

‘All eyes on the Marble City’
Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times
15 August 2008

‘Bunnies, Slogans and Donuts? It must be an arts festival’
Sophie Gorman, Irish Independent
August 2008

Helen Boylan, The Sunday Business Post
3 August 2008

‘Super Funny Animals’
Gerry McCarthy, The Sunday Times
4 August 2008

‘Atsushi Kaga’
27 December 2007

‘Atsushi Kaga: The Japanese’
Trevor White, The Dubliner
14 September 2007

‘Bunny’s Darkness and Other Stories’
Luke Clancy, Art Review
September 2007

‘Bunny’s Dystopia’
Jacqui McIntosh, Magill
June–July 2007

‘A very funny bunny’
Lucy White, Metro
25 May 2007

‘The Arts’
Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times
30 May 2007

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