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‘Alasdair McLuckie | Debut at Siegfried Contemporary’
Hannah-Rosanne Poulton, A Taste For Art
October 2015

‘Hello Ladies/ House of Joy at Chapter House Lane’
Maura Edmond, Primer
July 2015

‘Alasdair McLuckie: Untitled, 2015’
Sabine Himmelsbach, Basler Zeitung
June 2015

‘Future Primitive’
Kit Wise, Frieze, Issue 162
July 2014

‘Future Primitive at Heide’
Dan Rule, Broadsheet Melbourne
June 2014

‘Ten Australian Artists to Watch in 2014’
June 2014

‘A modern take on primitive’
Dan Rule, Sunday Morning Herald
7 December 2013

‘Art & Australia/Credit Suisse Private Banking Contemporary Art Award’
Kelly Fliedner, Art & Australia, Vol 50, Issue 1
Spring 2012

Ashley Crawford, Australian Art Review, Issue 18
Feb – April 2009


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