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‘Yuri Pattison: Bridging the Digital-Physical Divide’
23 October 2023

Alice Godwin, e-flux Criticism
19 January 2023

‘Network Time: Yuri Pattison Measures the Modern World’, clock speed (the world on time) review
Robert Barry, The Quietus
25 June

‘London round up’

Orit Gat, Art Agenda
May 2022

‘Eight standout shows to see during London Gallery Weekend’
Laura Allsop, Art Basel Stories
May 2022

Dorian Batycka, Artforum Critics’ Picks
March 2022

‘To Beecoin or Not to Beecoin’
Estelle Hoy, Spike Magazine #70
February 2022

Can We Imagine Public Art Beyond ‘Toxic Monumentality’?

Dan Hicks, Art Review
28 January 2022

‘Yuri Pattison at The Douglas Hyde Gallery’
Art Viewer
20 August 2021

‘Inside the Engine Room’, the engine review
Rory Rowan, Spike Art Magazine
20 July 2021

‘Yuri Pattison’, the engine review

Declan Long, Artforum, Vol.59, No. 8 
April 2021

‘Yuri Pattison: the engine’
John Graham, Art Monthly no. 443
February 2021

‘These videos of empty London streets are eerily beautiful’
Eddy Frankel, Time Out London
March 2020

‘Yuri Pattison “to do, doing, done”, at mother’s tankstation, London’
Exhibitions Highlights, Mousse Magazine
December 2019 

‘Yuri Pattison at mother’s tankstation London’, to do, doing, d̶o̶n̶e̶ review

November 2019 

‘Yuri Pattison: to do, doing, done

Giulia Civardi, this is tomorrow
November 2019

‘How Akira and Blade Runner predicted the neon urban ugliness of Tokyo and Hong Kong in 2019’
Rob Garratt, South China Morning Post 
November 2019

‘London Roundup’, to-do, doing, d̶o̶n̶e̶ review

Chris Fite-Wassilak, Art Agenda
October 2019

‘Yuri Pattison: context, collapse’

Henry Broome, studio international
November 2017

‘Yuri Pattison’, Critic’s Guide: London

Orit Gat, Frieze 
October 2017

‘Yuri Pattison’, sunset provision review

Aidan Kelly Murphy, paper visual art
March 2017

‘Yuri Pattison’, sunset provision review
Kate Sutton, Artforum International
March 2017

‘Frieze Week special: Yuri Pattison’s surveillance sculptures’
Lily Le Brun, Financial Times
September 2016

‘Yuri Pattison’, user, space
Patrick Langley, Frieze
August 2016

‘Silicon nightmare: it’s lonely work in Yuri Pattison’s ghost office’
Adrian Searle, The Guardian
July 2016

‘What Happens When You Let an Artist Design an Office?’
Andrew Nunes, The Creators Project
July 2016

‘Yuri Pattison: user, space’
William Rees, this is tomorrow
July 2016

‘Blurred lines: Yuri Pattison questions the viability of live/work spaces’
Elly Parson, Wallpaper
July 2016

‘Yuri Pattison’
Attilia Fattori Franchini, Kaleidoscope, Issue #26
Spring 2016

‘Yuri Pattison: “There needs to be more knowledge sharing within the London art community”
Michaela Nettel,
July 2015

The Crypt of Civilization 1940 – 2015————-8113’, commission
Yuri Pattison, Art Papers
May 2015

‘New Faces: Yuri Pattison’
Katie Guggenheim, Sleek, no. 45
Spring 2015

‘Yuri Pattison: Free Traveller’ review
Tim Dixon, this is tomorrow
October 2014

‘Yuri Pattison: Free Traveller’
Harriet Thorpe, Studio International
October 2014

‘A video tour of 1014’
DIS Magazine
May 2014

‘Yuri Pattison’, review of focal-plane
Eleanor Nairne, Frieze #145
March 2012

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