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‘Spotlight: Real Time Discipline
Yuri Pattison in conversation with Bart van der Heide’

Bart van der Heide, CURA.36
April 2021

‘Interview with Yuri Pattison – Part Two’
Aidan Kelly Murphy, this is tomorrow
February 2021

‘Interview with Yuri Pattison – Part One’
Aidan Kelly Murphy, this is tomorrow 
February 2021

‘Unmasking the Sleep Industry: An Interview with Yuri Pattison’
William Kherbek, Berlin Art Link
January 2020

‘Scare Quotes: A Conversation with Yuri Pattison’

Orit Gat, Metropolis M
October 2016

‘Interview: Yuri Pattison has his eye on you’
José Da Silva, The Art Newspaper
October 2016

‘Network Control’
Harry Thorne, Frieze
July 2016

‘10 Artists You Should Meet’
Skye Sherwin, 10 Magazine
August 2015

‘Yuri Pattison’, interview
Bart van der Heide, Mousse #49
June 2015

‘cosmos carl’
Alexandra Bondi de Antoni, i-D
June 2015

‘An Interview with Yuri Pattison’
Jean Kay, atractivoquenobello /
January 2015

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