Noel McKenna

‘What lies beneath: Calm by Noel McKenna’
Niall McMonagle, Sunday Independent
April 2020

‘Pictures Into Our Own Hearts’
Christopher Allen, The Australian
February 2018

‘Noel McKenna’, Critics’ Picks
Wes Hill, Artforum
June 2016

‘The southern lights’
John McDonald, The Sydney Morning Herald
6 April 2013

‘South of no North’
Jillian Grant, Artist Profile
March 2013

‘Thinking big pays off’
Steve Dow, Sydney Morning Herald
16 February 2013

‘Everybody Knows this is Nowhere’
Joseph Allen Shea, Broadsheet
8 March 2013

‘MCA puts the focus on everyday details’
Elizabeth Fortescue, The Telegraph
30 November 2012

‘50 Most Collectable Artists’
Andrew Frost, Australian Art Collector

‘Drawn and watered’
Nick O’Malley, The Sydney Morning Herald Summer
27 December 2011

‘The Silent World of Noel McKenna’
Sarah Thomas, Imprint, Vol. 33

‘Visitor from outer space’
Tracy Clement, The Sydney Morning Herald
7 – 13 March 2008

‘Noel McKenna likes it here’
Art News
Winter 2005

‘Clay dreams’
Pip Cummings, The Sydney Morning Herald
14 April 2005

‘Quiet moments: the prints of Noel McKenna’
Anne Chivas, Antiques & Art in New South Wales
September – December 2004

‘The value of things’
Anne Ryan, Art and Australia, Vol.42, No. 1
Spring 2004

‘Noel McKenna: Artists’ Artist’
Felicity Fenner, Australian Art Collector, Issue 9
July – September 1999


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