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Atsushi Kaga
The Legend Portraits 

Samurai Deers

They areare all  in search of looking for a place to die.
They want to die.
They are very neat and tidy.
They are ready to die.
They are very neat and tidy (when alive).
They are shy (when alive).
They have left many things behind, even when alive..
They used to work in an office (they have all lost their jobs).
They have lost their purpose.
They want to die now. (If they died haven’t already).
They prefer dying to being alive, but not being useful to in society. It was different when they were useful.
They know that no one will notice when they die. This makes them sad and increases the death wish.
There will be no newspaper to write about their death, no trade journals, no celebrity mags, no thoughtful obituaries. This makes them sadder…
There will be no Wikipedia entry
Certainly there will be no YouTube video about them.
No one will remember their existence in the entire universe. Not a single one.
Only a rose and their neatly folded clothes beside their corpse shall remember their death. They had to place them there in advance (because nobody else will do it).
It’s best this way.


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