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‘Regenerative Geographies’, Radical Landscapes exhibition catalogue
Darren Pih, Tate Publishing
May 2022

‘Yuri Pattison’, One Escape at a Time, 11th Seoul Mediacity Biennale
Seoul Museum of Art
December 2021

‘Weird Times’, the engine, Artist Response
Text by Tiffany Sia, Images selected by Yuri Pattison, The Douglas Hyde Gallery 
July 2021

‘The Cosmic Artist’, the engine, Writer Response
Dean Kissick, The Douglas Hyde Gallery 
May 2021

‘The Robot Within or The Ghost is The Machine’, sunset provision
Habib William Kherbek, mother’s tankstation 
November 2016

‘Commons’, user, space
Nora N. Khan, Chisenhale Gallery
July 2016

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