Nina Canell

Nina Canell ‘Energy Budget’, S.M.A.K., Ghent
Laura Herman, Mousse Magazine
Summer 2018

‘Reflexology’, Leo Xu Projects
Wang Kaimei, Ran Dian
December 2016

‘Satin Ions, Nina Canell’
Aimee Lin, Art Review Vol. 4 No.1
January 2016

‘La vie moderne’
Chris Sharp, Art Agenda
September 2015

‘Satin Ions: Nina Canell’
Jayoon Choi, Art Asia Pacific
July 2015

‘Arko Art Centre: Nina Canell “Satin Ions”’
Josef Bares, East Culture Review
September 2015

‘Moderna Museet’
Neringa Černiauskaitė, Artforum
March 2015

‘The Promise of Moving Things’
Rahma Khazan, Frieze Magazine, Issue 167
November 2014

‘Nina Canell at BALTIC’
Sam Watson, Kaleidoscope
June 2014

‘Nina Canell: Near Hear’
Martin Herbert, Art Review, Vol 66 No.4
May 2014

‘In the Studio’
Karen Wright, The Independent (Radar)
4 May 2014

‘The attraction of small mysteries’
April 2014

‘Nina Canell – LULU’
Kate Sutton, Critic’s Picks, Artforum
March 2014

‘Near Here’
Maru Rojas, This is tomorrow
January 2014

‘Nina Canell: O Little Drops’
John Gayer, This is tomorrow
May 2013

‘Stray Warmings’
Sheila Regan,
March 2013

‘Nina Canell: Stray Warmings, Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis’
Sheila Dickinson, CIRCA,
20 April 2013

‘Clean & Clear’
James Merrigan,
October 2012

‘Nina Canell: Into the Eyes as Ends of Hair’
Rosalie Doubal, TimeOut London
April 2012

‘Nina Canell, Cubitt London’
Martin Herbert, Frieze #147
May 2012

‘18th Biennale of Sydney’
Anthony Byrt, Artforum
November 2012

‘Unter Strom’
Silke Hohmann, Monopol: Magazin fur Kunst und Leben
May 2011

‘Nina Canell’, MUMOK
Leah Whitman-Salkin, Kaleidoscope

‘Nina Canell’
Chris Sharp, Art Review, #38
January 2010

‘Robin Watkins + Nina Canell’
Martin Herbert, Modern Painters
January 2009

‘Slight Heat of the Eyelid’, review
Luke Clancy, Art Review, #22
May 2008

‘Dangerous Obsessions and the Culture of Excess’, review
Luke Clancy, Modern Painters
July/August 2006

‘We Woke Up With Energy’, review
Sally O’Reilly, Frieze # 98
January 2006

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