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Brendan Earley’
Adina Glickstein, Artforum
April 2019

‘Labyrinthine Mind’
Brenda Moore-McCann, The Visual Artists’ News Sheet
July/August 2018

‘Before the Close of Day – Brendan Earley at mother’s tankstation’
Niamh McCooey,
March 2014

‘Gravitational Waves’
Joan Fowler, Art and Context
March 2014

‘Brendan Earley: In the Midnight City’
Sue Wang, Cafa Art Info
March 2013

‘Review: In the Midnight City’
Simon Zhou, Time Out Beijing
15 April 2013

‘Brendan Earley’s “In the Midnight City”’
Iona Whittaker, Art Agenda
10 April 2013

‘Shock Encounter’
Michaela Cutaya, Fugitive Papers
8 May 2012

‘Groping with Alchemy, Brendan Earley’
James Merrigan, +Billion-
8 May 2012

‘Brendan Earley A Place Between’
Cristín Leach Hughes, The Sunday Times
1 April 2012

‘Brendan Earley and Kevin Cosgrove: Nor for Nought’
Rebecca O’Dwyer, Paper Visual Art
October 2011

‘Ghosts of the Future’
Lucy White, Metro
29 September 2009

‘Messing with the Modernist Flat Pack’
Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times
26 March 2008

‘True Complex’
Declan Sheehan, Circa
January–February 2008

‘Marking Modernity’
Billy Leahy,
26 April 2006

‘Towards a Large White Building’
Gemma Tipton, Circa
April 2006

‘John Brunberg & Brendan Earley’
Sarah Browne, Circa Online
March 2004

Ciara Healy, Circa Online
December 2003

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