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‘Inside and out: Notions of interiority at the NGV Triennial’
Vanessa Francesca, Art Monthly Australasia
6 March 2024 

‘Prudence Flint’
Lindy Percival, The Edge 
9 December 2023

‘The amazing NGV Triennial 2023 makes us question our world and forces us to see it differently’
Sasha Grishin, The Conversation
4 December 2023

‘From Schiaparelli to Yoko Ono: an exclusive first look inside the NGV Triennial 2023’
Gladys Lai, Vogue Australia
1 December 2023

‘Holding Ground’, Artist Profile
Ellinor Pelz, Art Collector Magazine, Issue 104
April – June 2023

‘Prudence Flint’
mother’s tankstation, International Galleries Alliance
16 November 2022

‘Prudence Flint: From Beauty to Complexity—And Back’
Louise Martin-Chew, art guide Australia
7 March 2022 

‘mother’s tankstation: Prudence Flint The Call’

Issey Scott, Let’s make lots of Mon*t
18 October 2021

‘HORS D’ŒUVRE #1 – The Watermelon Issue’
Anna Broujean, Club Sandwich Magazine
July 2021

‘In the Studio with Prudence Flint’
Chloë Ashby, Toast Magazine
22 October 2020

‘Where intimacy happens’
Tiarney Miekus, The Sydney Morning Herald
1 May 2020

Paintings by Melbourne artist Prudence Flint of strong female characters deep in thought
Katy Cowan, Creative Boom 
27 January 2020

‘The best of what’s on this week’, The Visit review
John P O’Sullivan, The Sunday Times 
16 June 2019

‘The Visit: The Quiet Loud of Prudence Flint’
Sasha Bogojev, Juxtapoz Magazine 
14 June 2019

‘Prudence Flint The Visit’
Emma-Kate Wilson, Circa Art Magazine
5 June 2019

Artist Prudence Flint paints ‘powerful and mysterious’ female protagonists in oil
Rebecca Fulleylove, Its Nice That 
July 2017

‘Artist Prudence Flint in her own words’
Sarah Hall, The University of Melbourne

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