Lee Kit

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‘Lee Kit’s Ghostly Clouds Question the Limits of Perception’
Christopher Whitfield, ArtReview Asia
20 June 2023

‘Lee Kit: ‘The gallery has become my studio’’

Andrew Maerkle, Art Basel Stories
April 2022

‘Another Garden of Remembrance’
John Batten, Artomity Magazine
30 July 2021

‘Lee Kit and Kingsley Ng Warp Time and Space in Hong Kong’

Aaina Bhargava, ArtReview
2 March 2021

‘Lee Kit’
Paige K. Bradley, Artforum, New York
Februrary 2019

‘Lee Kit’
Artomity Magazine, Hong Kong
14 Feburary 2019

‘Lee Kit: Banal’
Aidan Kelly Murphy, this is tomorrow, London
January 2019

‘The Enormous Space, Cui Jie & Lee Kit’
Brady Ng, ArtAsiaPacific, Hong Kong
March 2018

‘Lee Kit | Hold your breath, dance slowly’
Risa Puleo, ArtAsiaPacific, Hong Kong
November/December 2016

‘Lee Kit at the Walker Art Center’
Godfre Leung, Art in America, New York
24 October 24,  2016

‘Lee Kit’
Samantha Kuok Leese, Artforum, New York
8 August 2016

‘Don’t give me the spotlight – I’ll install the light myself: A conversation with Lee Kit’
Ron Hanson, The Subconscious Restaurant 2, White Fungus Publishing, Taichung City

‘In Pursuit Of…’
John Jervis, Issue 82, ArtAsiaPacific, Hong Kong
March/April 2013

‘Lee Kit: A Slice of Life’
Pauline J. Yao, translated by Anthony Yung, LEAP, Beijing
9 July 2012

‘Material Man’
Victoria Ip, Muse Magazine, Milan
February 2010

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