Lee Kit

exhibition texts




‘Another Garden of Remembrance’
John Batten, Artomity Magazine
30 July 2021

‘Lee Kit and Kingsley Ng Warp Time and Space in Hong Kong’

Aaina Bhargava, ArtReview
2 March 2021

‘Lee Kit’
Paige K. Bradley, Artforum, New York
Februrary 2019

‘Lee Kit’
Artomity Magazine, Hong Kong
14 Feburary 2019

‘Lee Kit: Banal’
Aidan Kelly Murphy, this is tomorrow, London
January 2019

‘The Enormous Space, Cui Jie & Lee Kit’
Brady Ng, ArtAsiaPacific, Hong Kong
March 2018

‘Lee Kit | Hold your breath, dance slowly’
Risa Puleo, ArtAsiaPacific, Hong Kong
November/December 2016

‘Lee Kit at the Walker Art Center’
Godfre Leung, Art in America, New York
24 October 24,  2016

‘Lee Kit’
Samantha Kuok Leese, Artforum, New York
8 August 2016

‘Don’t give me the spotlight – I’ll install the light myself: A conversation with Lee Kit’
Ron Hanson, The Subconscious Restaurant 2, White Fungus Publishing, Taichung City

‘In Pursuit Of…’
John Jervis, Issue 82, ArtAsiaPacific, Hong Kong
March/April 2013

‘Lee Kit: A Slice of Life’
Pauline J. Yao, translated by Anthony Yung, LEAP, Beijing
9 July 2012

‘Material Man’
Victoria Ip, Muse Magazine, Milan
February 2010

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