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Atsushi Kaga 
The Legend Portraits 


He is a bunny born in Tokyo.
His mother is a kangaroo (strange that she should produce to a bunny, but they are good mothers anyway).
His father is a panda (stranger).
His younger sister is a kind of a bunny but his older brother is definitely not a bunny (why should he be?).
He keeps looking for his true identity, but is unsure if he will know it when he finds it.
There is no alcohol problem in his family, not even a little.
He is very nationalistic when it comes to the Olympics and the World Cup.
He loves cats.
He is convinced that he may have been a cat in a former life.
Many things appear from, or in his ears, flowers and lamps for example, more often than not the long life variety – lights that is, not flowers.
He questions manliness, machismo and what it means to be a man.
He is obsessed with different smells of fart – he varies his diet in the name of experimentation.
He has a tremendous appetite for adventure.
He is a fun-loving bunny.
He seeks fun in every situation.
Fun is the only thing he wants in his life.
Occasionally incomprehensible and serious human acts and events confuse and upset him.
He is addicted to coffee and donuts.
He likes watching EuroNews and any kind of sports, as long as it has a ball in it.
He has a habit of talking to himself in the bathroom mirror.
He is a nerd.
As nerds like to be alone, he likes being alone.

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