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Atsushi Kaga
The Legend Portraits 

Sachiko by day 

She is an elevator girl in Tokyo (a person who stays in the elevator to press the button for you).
She works from 9-5, Monday to Friday. Up, down, up, down.
She is not happy with her job, she is , just being polite and keeps smiling.
She is thinking of going back to college to do an MA (so that she will get a better job).
She is 35 years old and aware of time passing.
She would love to get married to someone to feel secure about her life.
She feels a void in her.
The last book she read was How not to fall in love with jerks (some chapters are very useful).
She wants someone to take her on an adventure.
She feels her void needs to be filled, very soon.


Sachiko by night

She works as an elevator girl during the day.
By night she works as someone very different at a place called ROYAL.
She dresses quite differently during the night (much less).
She is bad and naughty by night (she smokes loads).
Her night name is Ruby.


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