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The Legend Portraits 


Robert is complex – he is real and not, but not at the same time, because that would be impossible.
Robert is Usacchi’s teddy bear.
He comes to life and helps Usacchi paint during the day – he is not an intern, a studio assistant!
He is very soft (because he is a teddy bears are soft, it is their nature).
He has a nice nature (nice and soft).
He can’t think deeply because he has a very small brain.
He has a small head, but his brain is relatively small even in his small head.
He is happy all of the time and he doesn’t worry about anything because he can’t think too deeply or for too long.  time (Usacchi is jealous of this lack of capacity).
He likes simple activities,like making origami or counting cars as they passing by.
He would love to ride a bicycle.
He is too small to ride a bicycle and this will make him sad if he ever figures it out.
He will probably never figure it out.
He loves fried chicken even though he is a rabbit – most rabbits don’t, they are herbivores and don’t like things deep-fried (not even tempura lettuce).
He becomes a toy again during night (he is the opposite – but not the nemesis – of the toys in Toy Story).

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