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Atsushi Kaga
The Legend Portraits


Kumacchi is a bear, a close friend of Usacchi and an amputee.
He lost his leg in a car accident outside a forest
He left the forest in a search for his identity.
He finds it ironic that his accident, in many respects, defines him.
He is mildly depressed (not just about the accident, he always was).
He is sometimes bitter, it’s not surprising, he misses running in the forest.
He doesn’t take his prescribed pain pills. But…
He smokes hash, all the time (his pain is too much psychologically rather than physically).
He sometimes feels his existence is thinner than usual, but this depends on the quality of the dope he is smoking.
He is pessimistic (all the time, but some days more than others).
He has a secret desire to be someone completely different, someone stronger, and someone more confident.
He wishes he would be a good dog in the next life, a good dog, very good dog and loyal to its owner.
He has forgiven the person who drove over him.
He likes punk music and hard techno (they make him numb).
He likes having tea at the graveyard because he loves the silence there.
He has difficulty sleeping in the night, but when he does he loves to dream about when he had the other leg.


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