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Atsushi Kaga
The Legend Portraits


He wants to be a superhero (but he has not been very successful so far).
He likes playing TV games (he stayed in his room for 3 years before he ‘became a superhero’).
His hobby is knitting and sewing (he made his own costume).
He has a mean half brother.
He is a friend of Polar Bear. (See whisky drinking). (See Polar Bear)
Usacchi bullies him. (See Usacchi – but this is a trait not mentioned in his text).
Sachiko bullies him too. (See Sachiko – but nor is this)
He often gets tied up with a rope. (See above).
He stayed under the ground for seven days and no one noticed. (Nothing to do with above).
He has an ambition to be in the mainstream.
He keeps looking for a place where he can express himself fully.

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