Áine Mac Giolla Bhríde

objects as buoys in the life acted | Regional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny

15 April - 13 May 2023

Áine Mac Giolla Bhríde is an Irish artist working in the field of sculpture. This marks their first solo exhibition in their hometown of Letterkenny. Their work makes manifest considerations of site and the situated body via staged sculptural arrangements. Building a self in the form of a room, piece by piece, this is an exhibition about the systems of understanding and modes of un/making with which we can engage.

The exhibition is made up of material elements that have been sourced, selected and arranged by the artist. The various shades of paint on the walls have been reclaimed from Bryson Recycling Centre, a refuse facility in Letterkenny where people can dispose of leftover house paint. The leather sofas were found on a local eBay site in Berlin, for selling and exchanging unwanted furniture. The mirrored wall cabinets were procured via the same website, and a similar one here in Donegal.

These objects have been removed from circulation and installed in this gallery as sculptures. Their usual trajectory, as domestic items that inhabit people’s homes, has been interrupted. Estranged and disentangled from their ordinary purpose, these objects – reoriented as artworks – act differently, and in doing so they pose questions.

What are they doing? How are they positioned? Where did they come from? Who did they belong to? What are their formal qualities? Why were they chosen? Where have they been?

What will happen to them? What might they mean to the artist? What could they represent to you?

Material list: Interior emulsion paint, Rolf Benz sofa, Lignet Roset sofa, KOINOR sofa, mirrored cabinets, motorised turntable, plastic sheeting, dust sheet, apples, ornaments, magnets.

Acknowledgements: Mac Giolla Bhríde has worked with artist Anne Tallentire, curator Kate Strain of Kunstverein Aughrim, and Jeremy Howard at the Regional Cultural Centre in the development of this exhibition. The artist would also like to thank Cahill Mac Fhionnghaile and the team at the Regional Cultural Centre, Roisín McBride, Martha McCulloch and Rebecca Strain at Artlink, Adrian Kelly at the Glebe House and Gallery, Dennis McNulty, Katie Watchorn, Lisa Weber, Halsey Rodman, Glenn Fitzgerald, and Robin O’Shea.

This body of work was developed with support from the Arts Council of Ireland, Donegal County Council, Kunstverein Aughrim and the Regional Cultural Centre.

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