Condo New York 2019

mother’s tankstation hosted by Franklin Parrasch Gallery

27 June - 26 July 2019

Condo is a collaborative exhibition by 38 galleries across 18 New York spaces.


Peter Alexander | Sebastian Lloyd Rees

Beyond the formal correlations and sympathetic resonances ‘embedded’ in the disparate materialities of both Peter Alexander and Sebastian Lloyd Rees’s work; squares set against powerful vertical and horizontal compositions, there lies more subtle metaphorical and literary associations of opacity and transparency in the mere six work that substantiate this exhibition. Alexander, who is rightly seen as a master of the ‘Californian Sublime’, has long been concerned with ideas of looking into or beyond the heat and light of the sun, whereas, Lloyd Rees, who hails from much colder climes, is compelled by the socio-politics of intended obfuscation. His powerful wooden collages are composed, in the manner of modernist inclusivity, from construction site hoardings, intended both to ‘keep us out’ and to hide, what’s gong on within, from without. Alex Kitnick recently wrote of Alexander’s work that “they make one aware of the history and culture that informs our vision, but which more often than not is kept out of focus”, but if we simply switch ‘focus’ for ‘view’ the words resonate at the differing unobtainable at the heart of both artists work.


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