Shane McCarthy

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Shane McCarthy
Words, sometimes, get in the way of meaning
25 September – 2 November 2013

Born Dublin, 1988, lives and works in London

Shane McCarthy’s work engagingly negotiates great scientific conundrums, unpicking the logic of illogicality. He creates carefully arranged sculptural installations that circumnavigate the beauty of unfinishedness and attempt to deny the permanence of resolution, by an apparent perpetuation of the possible. Many of his works contain digitally drawn and projected, enigmatic texts that appear to hover, luminously, somewhere just proud of the surface of a wall. Its intangible promise constituted by nothing other than pure light; neither the expected neon, paint nor applied vinyl. The text’s diffused, auratic presence is usually however surrounded by hard, real things, the objects and events of its creation; in one notable instance, a stepladder, various scattered tools, an electric sander, a projector or other studio detritus. Although McCarthy’s works have of course ‘become’, their decisions and ultimate resolution being a thing of the past, they perpetuate the promise of the future in a continued present.

McCarthy graduated from IADT, Dublin (2011) and exhibited at LISTE in Basel (2012) & Frieze London (2015) with mother’s tankstation. He staged his first solo exhibition, Words, sometimes, get in the way of meaning (2013) at mother’s tankstation. McCarthy was awarded a Temple Bar Gallery + Studio Residency, Dublin (2014) where he presented his solo exhibition Tangled Hierarchies, Studio 4, TBG+S. Recent group exhibitions and events include FUTURES, Anthology 2, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin (2015), Foaming at the Mouth, Dublin (2014 and 2015), and Cookie Butcher, Antwerp (2016).

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