Matt Sheridan Smith

mother’s exhibitions:
Matt Sheridan Smith
Pilot Fig. 3 Ep. 1
24 February – 9 April 2016

Matt Sheridan Smith
What a laugh, everyone cried
12 September – 27 October 2012

Matt Sheridan Smith
How to save an object from yourself (preventable cryptomnesia)
FRIEZE Frame | Frieze Art Fair New York 2012

Born New Jersey, 1980, lives and works New York

Should categorization be a desirable goal, then Matt Sheridan Smith is about as difficult to file as the work is astringently intelligent: the press texts for his exhibitions tend to read like obscure treatises on gardening, history or viticulture. Perhaps occupying a post-Duchampian world of conceptual practice, and a proven, published master of the nearly lost art of interactive fiction (IF), where there textual input and the decisions of a reader determine the flow and/or outcome of a narrative, Sheridan Smith’s art is redolent with visual and literary puns, dark and clever twists and turns. In the broad scheme, his works articulates concerns of loss, language and identity, and attempts to preempt the necessity, or undermine the purpose of memory. Characteristically his solo project for Frieze, Frame (New York, 2012) was centred on the phenomena of ‘cryptomnesia’ – forgetting to remember that you forgot something). His diverse media practice consists of pre-fabricated art kits, paper paintings, ‘expiration’ portraits, silver-plated breads, cups with saucers (fluids/viscosities), bananas, inflated backpacks, a transportable plywood stoop, proximity word poems printed on walls, scratch-off ink drawings, and outcrops of poisonous plants…

Sheridan Smith’s recent exhibitions include a second solo exhibition with mother’s tankstation limited Pilot Fig.3 Ep.1 (2016), the third in a series of international exhibitions that deal solely, specifically, with the non-objective portraiture of four characters; three historic, “pilot”, “cyclist”, “widow”, and one living “unknown young actress”. In 2012, his work was presented by mother’s tankstation limited at Frieze, Frame, New York. Other recent solo presentations include Untitled (open/shut) at the MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Flotsam/Jetsam, Western Bridge, Seattle; and a two-person show in the Front Room, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. Sheridan Smith has received grants and commissions from the Rema Hort Mann Foundation and the Public Art Fund, New York. He has undertaken residencies in Paris (administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, March-August, 2010), Geneva (Forde, 2011) and Milan (Kaufmann Repetto, 2011).

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